Who is Hana Bella ?

Hana Bella Beauty Cosmetics, Was Founded & Created By Pro MUA Hana Bella.

”I Always Had a Passion For Makeup And Beauty. Makeup is My Form Of Art And How I Express Myself. I Started Working As a Makeup Artist At 16 And Then Furthered My Makeup Knowledge & Attended The Academy Of Makeup Where I Studied And Got My Diploma Of Screen & Media.

Working In The Industry I Noticed a Gap In False Lashes. At The Time The Makeup Industry Only Pushed One Style Of Lashes, Full Strip Lashes. I For One Hated How Uncomfortable & Unflattering Full Strip Lashes Were. So I Started Making My Own. HBB Was Born. Now Lashes Can Either Make a Look Or Break a Look. They Are Very Important In The Makeup Industry. Every Client Of Mine Requested Them. Especially The Ones I Was Wearing, Which Of Course Were HBB Half Lashes.

I Trialed and Testing My Product For 2 Years Before I Launched My Online Store. On The 7.04.2021 HBB Was Launched.

I Will Forever Be Grateful To Everyone That Supports Me & My Small Business. I LOVE YOU!

I Am a Proud Dreamer That Chasing All Her Goals And Makes Her Dreams Her Reality.

My Biggest Advice For You Would Be To Chase Your Dreams & Purse Your Passion. “ - Hana Bella Beauty.